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Introducing our newest feature – In Your Ear by Ms. Batty

Posted on June 23, 2014 by

I’m an avid reader and audiobook listener.  I have always loved listening to books–from storytime in preschool and Reading Rainbow in my living room to the books on cassette tapes in my Walkman and the many, many audiobooks I have downloaded to my various devices over the last decade.  I listen to books when I walk my dog, when I exercise, and while doing laundry.  Sometimes I listen on my way to school, and my family always listens to books together on our annual cross-country road trips. I love a good story and I love listening to them even more. Some of my all-time favorite audiobooks include The Great Gatsby, the one narrated by Tim Robbins, which concludes with the reading of a collection of letters written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that relate to the novel. I also love Pride and Prejudice narrated by Flo Gibson, which I listened to on my Walkman while on a trip to Italy with my family in 1994 and Bossypants, in which Tina Fey made me laugh out loud every 7 minutes.  I also need to include here the monthly New Yorker: Fiction podcast where Deborah Treisman, the fiction editor at the magazine, invites writers to choose a short story from the archives to read aloud and discuss.  In other words, subscribe immediately.

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