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5 Tips for Evaluating News Sources!

Posted on June 6, 2017 by

As active consumers of media, we must all take steps to ensure that the news we are reading is current and authoritative.  This is true of most everything we read (especially when writing research papers!), but it is especially important when we are informing ourselves of events and issues at the local, national and global level.  It is also important to remember that there is a difference between news with a bias or point of view and news that is inaccurate or false.  All news sources have a bias of some sort; this just means that it is important to read news presented from many different points of view.  Avoid news from unreliable sources (regardless of political point of view; this is a bipartisan issue) that don’t employ journalists, fact check or share their sources. Our top tips for evaluating news are:

  1. Read the whole article before you repost.  Get past the click-bait headline!
  2. Evaluate the source and author.  The most reliable sources employ journalists and editors.
  3. Check the publication date.  This is important to make sure you’re getting current news.
  4. Google it to see if other news sources are reporting it.
  5. Think before you share.

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