Civics: Civil Rights

How has the Civil Rights Movement been a model for social change that we continue to use to this day?

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1. Reference Sources
Start your research with reference sources.  These sources will give you a broad view of your potential topic.

Print Reference Sources
Use the cart!  Reference books have an R in front of the number on the spine.

Digital Reference Sources
ABC-CLIO Solutions 
U.S. History in Context (look for reference articles)

2. Sources for in depth research

U.S. History in Context – primary sources, biographies, videos, images and more on issues throughout U.S. history.  Nicely contextualized.
Opposing Viewpoints in Context – articles, perspectives, videos, images, primary sources and more on historic and contemporary issues
High School in Context – articles, videos, images and more

3. Citation

Turabian Guide