Food Policy

  • Food and drink are allowed in the Putnam Library.  Please clean up after yourself and dispose of your trash or we will have to reconsider the policy.  There is no food or drink allowed in the Tower Room.

Technology Policy

  • The Putnam Library lends out a variety  of technology, include laptops, chargers, headphones, AV equipment and more.  If you check out an item it is your responsibility to bring it back in a timely fashion and in the same condition it was checked out in.  If you lose the item you will be charged for it.  If you would like to charge your cell phone there is a charging station located next to the circulation desk.

Books/DVDs/Other Materials Policy

  • Books/DVDs etc may be checked out by any member of the Nobles community.  The standard checkout period is two weeks, but if you need more time you may renew your item at this link or ask a librarian for assistance.  If you lose an item you will be charged for it.  There is no limit to how many items someone may check out.

Printing Policy

  • Members of the Nobles community may use the library printers to for their printing needs.  For more about printing click here.  Please print double sided if possible and not in excess.

Noise Policy

  • The Putnam Library is a quiet space for individual and group study.  Please do not speak above a whisper.  If you need to speak out loud you may use the back office, the glassroom or the corner room.


If you have any questions please see a librarian.