US History Pathfinder 2019 – Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Journal articles are published in academic journals, are peer-reviewed, make an argument and cite their sources.  Journal articles are especially helpful for finding information about a narrow topic, reading a scholar’s arguments, getting an overview of several scholars’ arguments about a topic and finding more resources on a topic.

Do you want to search all of our databases at once?  Click here to access our discovery search, which searches all of our databases at once.  Please see your librarian for help with this resource, as it can be overwhelming.  

***What do I do if I can’t find access a journal article? If you can’t access a journal article, please see your librarian and we will help you access it through interlibrary loan.***

U.S. History in Context  Covers significant American events, people, and topics.
Issues and Controversies Covers significant contemporary events, people, and topics. Includes primary sources.
Issues and Controversies in American History  Covers significant American events, people, and topics. Includes primary sources.
History Study Center  (For off campus use, please use username: noblegreenoughs and password: I2JA5IRMWD.) Contains primary and secondary sources.
World History in Context Covers world events.
InfoTrac (Gale) Forty+ databases specializing in a variety of subjects from war to pop culture.
ProQuest SIRS Great for the pro + con of a topic.
JSTOR   Scholarly journal articles.