Published Grad Authors

Author Name of Book
Ernest F. Henderson 1914 The World of “Mr. Sheraton”
Robb H. Sagendorph 1918 America and her Almanacs
Robb H. Sagendorph 1918 The Old Farmer’s Almanac Sampler
Robert B. Cutler ’31 Alias Oswald
Robert B. Cutler ’31 Whereof we are Made: Ealy Recollections
Robert B. Cutler ’31 You, the Jury: Chappaquiddick, 1969
Timothy Fuller ’32 Harvard has a Homicide
Timothy Fuller ’32 Three Thirds of a Ghost
Tertius Chandler ’33 3000 Year of Urban Growth
Tertius Chandler ’33 Chandler’s Half-Encyclopedia
Calvin W. Stillman ’34 Africa and the Modern World
Orrin G. Wood ’40 Your Hidden Assets: The Key to Getting Exec Jobs
Neil R. Ayer ’43 Wind over Willowdale
David Bidwell ’43 Saudi Arabia an Artists View of the Past
Frederick Richardson ’44 Seashells of Cape Cod Natn’l Seashore 1987
Clinton Nangle ’48 Some Things Harvard Never Taught Me
Stanley Pratt ’49 Pratt’s Guide to Private Equity Sources 2002-2008
Stanley Pratt ’49 Pratt’s Guide to Private Equity Sources 1978-2001
Stanley Pratt ’49 How to Raise Venture Capital 1982
Alfred Goodale ’50 The Missing Malamute
Alfred Goodale ’50 Ladd, Come. Ladd, Sit. Phooey, Ladd! A Talking Dog
Hugh Mitchell ’50 Dream horses: The Art of Prophecy: A Memoir
Benjamin Taylor ’52 George Owen Knapp: A Splendid Secret 2003
E. Graham Ward ’52 Greatly Pursued (Biography) 2004
E. Graham Ward ’52 Interaction – co-editor (English Textbook) 1972
Robert Foster III ’54 E-Book Ad Man: True Stories Golden Age of Advertis
Jonathan Kozol ’54 Death at an Early Age: the Destruction of the ….
Jonathan Kozol ’54 Free Schools
Jonathan Kozol ’54 The Fume of Poppies
Jonathan Kozol ’54 Prisoners of Silence: Breaking Adult Illiteracy
Jonathan Kozol ’54 Illiterate America
Jonathan Kozol ’54 The Night is Dark and I am Far from Home
Robert Chellis ’55 Congregate Housing for Older People 1982
Robert Chellis ’55 Life Care: A Long Term Solution
James Doty ’55 Twenty-Six Miles of Hell
William Wheeler III ’56 BreakPoint Strategies 1993
William Wheeler III ’56 Beyond BPR 1995
The Hon. Frederick Hitz ’57 The Great Game: The Myth and Reality of Espionage
Laurent Parks Daloz Jr. ’58 Common Fire 1997
Laurent Parks Daloz Jr. ’58 Mentor 1999
Laurent Parks Daloz Jr. ’58 Teachers & Mentorship of Adults – 1986
Christopher Morss ’58 A Civil War Odyssey 2000
Richard Whiteley ’58 The Customer Driven Company 1991
Richard Whiteley ’58 Customer Centered Growth 1996
Richard Whiteley ’58 Love the Work You’re With 2002
Richard Whiteley ’58 The Corporate Shaman 2002
Selden Edwards ’59 The Little Book 2008
Selden Edwards ’59 The Lost Prince 2012
Stephen Grant, Ed.D. ’59 Peter Strickland 2007
Stephen Grant, Ed.D. ’59 Early Salvadoran Postcards 1999
Stephen Grant, Ed.D. ’59 Former Points of View 1995
Stephen Grant, Ed.D. ’59 Image de Guinee 1991
Reverend Charles Henderson Jr. ’59 The Nixon Theology 1972
Reverend Charles Henderson Jr. ’59 God and Science 1986
Reverend Charles Henderson Jr. ’59 Faith, Science and the Future 2007
Lt. Col. John Wiggins ’59 The Work of J. Gregory Wiggins: woodcarver
George Draper Jr. ’60 Great American Stories I, II,III ESL Textbook 1985
George Draper Jr. ’60 All American Stories A,B, C ESL Textbook 2003
George Draper Jr. ’60 A Holiday Year – childrens novel 1987
Michael Dwinell God-Birthing: Toward Sacredness
Abbot Cutler ’61 Rebecca, 1943, 1847
John Bachner ’62 >250 Books, manuals, texts
Richard Harwood, Ed.D. ’63 Directions: A Guide to Career Development
G. Kenneth Mallory Jr. ’63 Diving to A Deep-sea Volcano (childs bk) 2006
G. Kenneth Mallory Jr. ’63 Swimming with Hammerhead Sharks 2001
G. Kenneth Mallory Jr. ’63 Boston Harbor Islands National Pk Area 2003
G. Kenneth Mallory Jr. ’63 Rescue of the Stranded Whales 1986
Hugh J. Silverman Inscriptions: After Phenomenology & Structuralism
Hugh J. Silverman Textualities: Between Hermeneutics and Deconstruct
Hugh J. Silverman 20 Edited and coedited bks.
F. Williams Sargent Jr. ’65 2011 “The Well from Hell”
F. Williams Sargent Jr. ’65 Sea Level Rising; the Chatham Story
F. Williams Sargent Jr. ’65 “Lilly & Milot Dig Ipswich Clams” kids book
F. Williams Sargent Jr. ’65 2008 “Just Seconds From the Ocean”
F. Williams Sargent Jr. ’65 “Storm Surge” 2004
F. Williams Sargent Jr. ’65 2006 “Writing Naturally: A Memoir”
F. Williams Sargent Jr. ’65 2005 “The House on Ipswich Marsh”
F. Williams Sargent Jr. ’65 “Crab Wars:A Tale of crabs,bioterrorism,human heal
Joshua Cutler ’66 Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Englis
Dr. Daniel Goldberg ’67 Contemporary Marriage – Spec.Issues Couple Therapy
Dr. Kenneth Tyler ’71 >200 Scientific and Medical Publications
Robert Farnsworth ’72 Three or Four Hills And A Cloud (Poetry) 1982
Robert Farnsworth ’72 Honest Water (Poetry) 1989
Samuel Pillsbury ’72 “Conviction” Crime drama set in the late 80’s
Robert Hennemuth Jr. ’73 The Big Kids (Fiction) 2004
Harry Elam Jr. PhD ’74 Past as Present in Drama of Augst Wilson 2004
Harry Elam Jr. PhD ’74 Black Cultural Traffic 2006
Harry Elam Jr. PhD ’74 Taking it to the Streets 1996
Harry Elam Jr. PhD ’74 Fire This Time 2004
Harry Elam Jr. PhD ’74 African American Performance & Theatre Hist. 2001
Dr. Allen Gifford ’76 Living Will with HIV & AIDS
Karen Hollman Hollman-Allen ’77 Spirituality among Afri- AmerWomen in Recovery 200
Stacy Scott, Ed.D. ’77 Making Equity Work 2005
Stacy Scott, Ed.D. ’77 Reflection Guide for Making Equity Work 2005
Stacy Scott, Ed.D. ’77 Principal’s Handbook for Making Equity Work 2006
David Strang ’78 Learning By Example: Imitation and Innovation at a
Samuel Howe Verhovek ’78 Jet age, the 707, Race to Shrink the World
Dr. John Strang ’79 Body CT Secrets
Bruce Weber ’79 TraderEx – Publication 2010
Bruce Weber ’79 The Equity Trader Course 2006
Joshua David ’81 The New York High Line – 2011
John Fiske Jr. ’81 The Library Book
John Fiske Jr. ’81 The Pilots Guide to the Ariports of Historic MA
Kimberly Rossi Stagliano ’81 Embracing Autism March 2008
Dr. Elizabeth Kopelman Borgwardt ’82 A New Deal for the World: America’s Vision Human
Robert Casey Jr., Ph.D. ’82 Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma 2007
Robert Casey Jr., Ph.D. ’82 Child & Adolescent Clinics of NA 2003
Robert Casey Jr., Ph.D. ’82 Ending Domestic Violence in the Lives of Children
Robert Casey Jr., Ph.D. ’82 Child & Adolescent Paychiatry: A Comprehensive “02
Robert Casey Jr., Ph.D. ’82 Psychosocial Care of the Child and Family 2008
Dr. Haruo Iguchi ’82 Unfinished Business: Ayukawa Yoshisuke & US/Japan
Amor Towles ’83 Rules of Civility
Elizabeth Faulkner O’Halloran ’85 Investing in Emergin Markets 2003
Elizabeth Faulkner O’Halloran ’85 State of the Art: Angel Investing in US 2003
Elizabeth Faulkner O’Halloran ’85 Human Capital Contracts for Education 2005
Elizabeth Faulkner O’Halloran ’85 Angel Investing in Latin America 2005
Dr. Stephanie Hartwell ’86 Organizational Response to Persons with Mental Ill
Dr. Stephanie Hartwell ’86 More of a Danger to Myself: Comm. Re-entry 2007
Ellen Mecray ’86 US Geological Survey Open File Report 2005
Ellen Mecray ’86 Our Changing Coastline: Private Rights & Public 05
David Aznavorian ’88 “The Non-Profit’s Guide to Brand-Building” 2002
George Cadwalader Jr. ’88 Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law
Lindsay Pollock ’89 The Girl with a Gallery 11/2006 (Biography)
Dr. Sameer Kapasi ’94 2004 Topical Application of a Protein Kinase C Inh
Elizabeth Soutter Schwarzer ’94 Motherhood is not for Wimps
Alexis Wiggins ’95 “Norton’s Best Creative Non-Fiction Vol. I Fall 07
Alexis Wiggins ’95 ‘StorySouth” Literary Zine Summer 2007
Alexis Wiggins ’95 “Fresh Yarn” Literary Zine Winter 2005
Sally Jackson ’96 Bobby Flay’s Grilling for Life Co-author 2005
Sally Jackson ’96 Bobby Flay’s The Mesa Grill Cookbook 2007
Sally Jackson ’96 Bobby Flay’s Grill It! cookbook co-author 2008
Christopher Tennant ’96 “The Official Filthy Rich Handbook”
Corey Haydu ’01 OCD Love Story
Corey Haydu ’01 Life By Committee
Sara Farizan ’03 Title “If You Could be Mine”